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Multifunction is what it's all about when it comes to Dish Envy Olimp Pitchers! Wow your guests when you serve water, lemonade or tea in one of these one-of-a-kind pitchers. When not in use, our Olimp Pitchers are lovely focal points for a bouquet of flowers or as a display on its own. Centuries old methods and years of experience go into the creation of each Dish Envy piece! Hand painted and signed by highly skilled artisans in Unikat ("unique" or copyrighted) designs.

Large Olimp Pitcher 48 oz, "Woodland Zinnia"

SKU: 05.0202B
  • Dish Envy Olimp Pitchers are functional works of art! Created by Ceramika Kalich, these pitchers are 8.75" in height, 5" in width & 3.5" in diameter. 

    Dish Envy offers beautiful traditional and contemporary designs with bold colors accented by the signature Polish pottery "cobalt blue."