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If there's ever been a "go-to" baking dish, Dish Envy Square Bakers are it! So versatile, you can use our Square Bakers everyday! No wonder they are Dish Envy's most popular baker. The Square Bakers' built-in handles make it simple to put meals in and take out of the oven. Easy to carry and decked out in beautiful patterns, they can be served from oven to table too. Dish Envy Square Bakers are perfect for brownies, side dishes, and casseroles! 

Centuries old methods and years of experience go into the creation of each Dish Envy piece! Hand painted and signed by highly skilled artisans in Unikat ("unique" or copyrighted) designs. Direct from ceramika studios in Boleslawiec, Poland, these beautiful, yet functional Polish pottery pieces are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe, ready to be used every day. 

Square Baker, "Blueberry Garden"

SKU: 25.1211A
  • The versatility of Dish Envy Square Bakers will make these your favorite and most utilized baking ware in your kitchen! Created by Ceramika Kalich, these bakers are 9 1/2  inches and 3 inches deep. 

    Dish Envy offers traditional and contemporary unikat designs with bold colors, accented by the signature Polish pottery cobalt blue.