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Dish Envy Bowl 19s are classically shaped in design and depth and are the standard size for baking and serving. These beauties are strong, sturdy, and can be nested into each other - bonus! Dish Envy Bowl 19s are deep serving bowls for side dishes, salads, vegetables and party snacks! They are lovely display pieces too. 

Centuries old methods and years of experience go into the creation of each Dish Envy piece! Hand painted and signed by highly skilled artisans in Unikat ("unique" or copyrighted) designs. Direct from ceramika studios in Boleslawiec, Poland, these beautiful, yet functional Polish pottery pieces are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe, ready to be used every day. 

Bowl 19, "Forget-Me-Not Green"

SKU: 09.0410C
  • Dish Envy Bowl 19s are classics through and through! Created by Ceramika Kalich, these versatile bowls are 7 inches in diameter and almost 4 inches deep. 

    Dish Envy offers traditional and contemporary unikat designs with bold colors, accented by the signature Polish pottery cobalt blue.